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B.C. Cherries on the Move Infographic showing the dramatic increase in export of cherries from B.C. and the shift in modes of transport.

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Increasing container terminal
capacity at B.C. ports

Port Metro Vancouver

  • 3.7 million TEUs capacity increasing to 6 million TEUs by 2020.
  • 4 terminals: Deltaport, Centerm, Vanterm and Fraser Surrey Docks and support services including dynamic transloading facilities and off-dock industries.
  • CN and Canadian Pacific provide efficient direct rail service to major North American distribution centres.
  • CN and Canadian Pacific railways have signed service level agreements with the Port Metro Vancouver and individual terminals on performance and efficiency.

BC’s Highway Improvements enhance efficiency of container movement by truck.

  • South Fraser Perimeter Road, a new 4-lane, 40 km long highway provides a major east-west link south of the Fraser River to Deltaport, Fraser River terminals, key industrial areas and Highway 99 to the United States border.
  • Roberts Bank Rail Corridor
    • 9 separate infrastructure projects will be complete in 2014.
    • Accommodating forecast growth in rail and road traffic by increasing capacity.
    • Increased velocity along the corridor to support operational efficiencies.

Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is North America’s deepest natural harbour and closest port to Asia.

  • Shortest distance from North America to Shanghai than any other west coast port.
  • “Chicago Express” for containerized imports and exports
  • Fairview Terminal can handle the world’s largest container ships.
    • 850,000 TEUs container capacity
    • Room to expand to 2 million TEUs by 2020

CN provides efficient and reliable direct ship-to-rail offloading. Route grades are greener on CN rail connections through the Rocky Mountains. CN provides scheduled service to inland destinations across Canada and into the US Midwest.

CN has recently upgraded its transload facility in Prince George to facilitate increased exports of containerized lumber from Northern BC.

Labour Reliability

BC’s longshore workers and foremen have signed contracts that ensure stability at BC Ports through 2018.

Competitive Business Environment

Municipal port property taxes were permanently capped for designated BC ports and terminals in 2014.

Lower Mainland Container Trucking Reform

In December 2014, the Province enacted the Container Trucking Act to provide fair wages and working conditions for truckers and to ensure efficient operation and global competitiveness of Port Metro Vancouver.  The Province subsequently appointed a container trucking commissioner to oversee the sector.