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B.C. Cherries on the Move Infographic showing the dramatic increase in export of cherries from B.C. and the shift in modes of transport.

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Engaging Communities

The Pacific Gateway: A B.C. Story

Communities in British Columbia play a big role in Canada’s Pacific Gateway. That’s why the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Pacific Gateway branch engaged mayors, councillors and other community leaders at the Union of BC Municipalities 2012 convention in Victoria.

What we did:

Our goal was to inform, engage, but most of all, listen. We set up a large touch screen panel to conduct an interactive survey and show videos that helped tell the story of moving people and goods along the Pacific Gateway. Our sponsors (Canadian Pacific, Port Metro Vancouver, Prince Rupert Port Authority, and Vancouver Airport Authority) provided questions for 1,100 delegates (28 per cent completed the survey). In appreciation for their time and feedback, we treated them to a Mario’s Gelati courtesy of Port Metro Vancouver.  

2012 UBCM Information Booth

What we learned:

The survey was designed to educate and gauge participants’ understanding of transportation infrastructure and its role in British Columbia’s global trade network. Many said they were surprised at how substantial port operations are in B.C. We also learned that most municipalities still rely heavily on print media to communicate new transportation infrastructure developments to local residents and businesses. The majority of participants were also unaware of the proximity guidelines related to building near rail lines. To find out what else we discovered, read the full results:


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